To arrive here, the products were evolving in the design and innovation, to accompanying the growing modern changes of the lifestyle of the consumers. The company trades bedding, such as: sheets sets, sheets layer, duvets, duvets sets, matress protection and pillowcases; in the most diverse raw materials: cotton, percale, polyester; and products done not finish and intermediate, woven to meter finished and raw.



Conscience that in the small details is lent the big contribution to the improvement of the quality of life of the future and current generations. The sense of environmental and social responsibility, lead us to fulfill tenaciously the lawful norms established.



It is a worry to assure the technological updating of the Company, in the products and services.



In spite of our age, or who knows graces to that, words such as globalization, healthy us relative long ago. Nowadays, we expand the commercialization of our articles to several countries in different continents, with big incidence in the Iberian markets and, more recently, nordic.